Today I worked a table for @onetosavemany with my friend and guide @seanarussell82 of @vegansexplore , and the photo above was the absolute highlight of my day. My 6 year old friend wanted a herbivore shirt to show she was vegan. At 6 years old! Her mom asked for a photo, and asked her to flex. She said she was too scared. So. I got down next to her and said I wanted to flex for the photo, but I was too scared unless she could flex with me. Her arm went right up. She flexed not only her arm, but her heart. She didn’t want me to be scared. And she wanted to show the world that she won’t hurt animals just for food. Guys. This 6 year old gets it. Compassion and kindness. Hats off to her parents. I’m not crying, you’re crying. 💚
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