Episode Description:

Welcome to the thrilling season finale of the Vegans Who Lift Podcast! In this special episode, hosts John Thomas, the Bodybuilding Vegan, and Brooke Sellers, Miss Meatless Muscle, are joined by the visionary founder of Vegans Explore and executive producer of the podcast, Sean Russell. This episode marks the conclusion of Season 2, and our hosts dive deep into a reflection on their journey, discussing the evolution of the podcast, the vegan community, and their personal growth.


  • Season Reflection: John, Brooke, and Sean reflect on the journey through two seasons of the Vegans Who Lift Podcast, celebrating their milestones and discussing the evolution of their mission.
  • Sean Russell’s Vision: Sean shares his vision for the future of Vegans Explore and the exciting initiatives planned for Season 3 of the podcast, including interactive listener questions and community launches.
  • Personal Growth: The hosts discuss their personal growth, challenges, and triumphs as leaders in the vegan fitness space, offering insights and inspiration to listeners.
  • Vegan Community: Exploring the dynamic changes in the vegan community, the hosts talk about the importance of effective communication, mental health, and collaboration within the movement.
  • Future Plans: Exciting announcements about the future of the Vegans Who Lift Podcast and the broader Vegans Explore network, including new podcast formats and global community expansion.

Notable Quotes:

  • “If it’s easy, it’s probably not working the best for you.” – John Thomas
  • “Find a coach, find a mentor, find someone who’s gone through this. They are your guide.” – Sean Russell
  • “Communicate in a way that is compassionate, mature, and understanding.” – Brooke Sellers

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