Episode Description:

In this episode of the Vegans Who Lift podcast, John Thomas and Brooke Sellers provide invaluable insights and practical advice on how to bulk up effectively as a vegan. They cover everything from training routines and cardio to nutrition and supplements. Whether you’re a seasoned vegan bodybuilder or new to the plant-based lifestyle, this episode is packed with tips to help you maximize your gains and stay healthy.


  • Introduction & Question Game:
    • John and Brooke start with a fun “question game,” discussing their favorite fictional worlds.
    • They choose between Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Guardians of the Galaxy, setting a lively and relatable tone.
  • Main Discussion: Effective Bulking Strategies:
    • Off-Season Importance:
      • John emphasizes treating the off-season with the same seriousness as the competition prep season.
    • Health-Focused Off-Season:
      • Brooke shares her approach to an off-season focused on health, highlighting gut health, hormone balance, and specific muscle group training.
    • Cardio During Bulking:
      • Both hosts debunk the myth that cardio is only for cutting and explain how it aids digestion, increases appetite, and supports cardiovascular health.
    • Hiring a Coach:
      • It is important to have a coach to provide tailored guidance and help navigate the balance of gaining muscle without excess fat.
    • Training Adjustments:
      • Tips on adjusting training routines, focusing on time under tension, and avoiding overtraining.
    • Nutrient-Dense Foods:
      • Recommendations for high-protein vegan foods and the importance of including diverse protein sources like tofu, tempeh, and protein powders.
    • Supplements & Blood Work:
      • Discuss the role of supplements during bulking and the importance of regular blood work to monitor health and nutrient levels.

Key Takeaways:

    • Intentional Training:
      • Be intentional with your training and ensure every exercise has a purpose.
    • Balanced Diet:
      • Incorporate nutrient-dense foods and balance whole foods with easily digestible options.
    • Cardio Benefits:
      • Maintain a cardio routine to support overall health and aid in muscle gain.
    • Regular Monitoring:
      • Use tools like a chronometer and regular blood work to ensure you are meeting your nutritional needs.


    • The hosts wrap up by encouraging listeners to seek professional guidance and stay consistent with their routines. They highlight the benefits of a well-planned off-season and the importance of mental and physical health in achieving long-term fitness goals.

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