In Season 2, Episode 7 of the “Vegans Who Lift Podcast,” hosts Brooke Sellers (Miss Meatless Muscle) and John Thomas (Bodybuilding Vegan) dive into their personal experiences and achievements, starting with light-hearted anecdotes about their recognition at vegan events. They celebrate the successful launch of the Vegans Who Lift Coaching Academy, reflecting on the supportive community formed among participants. Both hosts share personal wins, with Brooke highlighting the perspective she gained from teaching Academy students and John discussing his excitement for organizing a major vegan event in Miami. Their conversation also touches on their current training regimens, emphasizing the benefits of increased recovery time and focused muscle engagement.

The episode delves into content creation strategies, with Brooke sharing her recent shift to posting recipes and dog content to boost engagement. John explores his internal conflict about continuing competitive bodybuilding, weighing the significant sacrifices against his broader goals of activism and community impact. They highlight the importance of building meaningful relationships within the vegan and fitness communities and encourage listeners to join their upcoming Coaching Academy. The episode concludes with a promise to discuss the sacrifices involved in bodybuilding and their future plans, inviting listeners to engage with the podcast’s online content.

Hosts and Introduction

  • Hosts: Brooke Sellers (aka Miss Meatless Muscle) and John Thomas (aka Bodybuilding Vegan).
  • Introduction: Light-hearted discussion about their nicknames and recognition at vegan events.

Personal Anecdotes and Weekly Recap

  • Brooke: Recognized often as Miss Meatless Muscle both at events and in the gym.
  • John: Shares humorous and relatable stories, including losing his wallet and cutting his finger.
  • Both: Celebrate completing the first Vegans Who Lift Coaching Academy, comparing it to teaching a college class.
  • Challenges: John mentions experiencing “prep brain” and the mishaps that come with it.

Coaching Academy and Community Building

  • Achievements: Successful launch of the Vegans Who Lift Coaching Academy.
  • Community Impact: Both hosts express pride in the supportive community formed among the Academy’s participants.
  • Upcoming Academy: Announcement of spots available for the next session, encouraging listeners to join or refer friends.
  • Brooke’s Insights: Emphasizes the value of community support in entrepreneurial ventures, especially for those without a background in business.

Personal Wins and Reflections

  • Brooke’s Win: Learning from Academy students, gaining perspective on handling rejections and staying motivated.
  • John’s Win: Opportunity to organize a major vegan event in Miami, emphasizing his desire to make a significant impact.

Training and Bodybuilding Discussion

  • Training Splits:
    • Brooke: Four days a week, focusing on glute and hamstring days, and the benefits of increased recovery time.
    • John: Adjusting training to focus more on the upper body and manage leg training volume.
    • Coaching Advice**: Importance of time under tension and controlled movements to prevent injuries and improve muscle engagement.

Content Creation and Social Media Strategy

  • Content Engagement**: Brooke’s recent shift to posting recipes and dog content to increase engagement.
  • Social Media Dynamics**: Discussion on how engagement metrics don’t always reflect business success and the importance of meaningful content.

Shoutouts and Community Highlights

  • Shoutouts:
    • Tyler, a new Academy participant known for his unique food creations.
    • Paul’s tattoo journey and his potential competition plans.
    • Community Bond**: The importance of building and maintaining relationships within the vegan and fitness communities.

Internal Conflicts and Future Plans

  • John’s Conflict: Balancing his passion for bodybuilding with his broader goals of making a significant impact in the vegan community.
  • Future Plans: Potential shift towards more activism and community events, with a possible move and travel plans with Allie.

Conclusion and Call to Action

  • Upcoming Topics: Promised discussion on sacrifices in bodybuilding and future plans for the rest of the year.
  • Interactive Elements: Encouragement for listeners to visit the podcast website and engage with the content.

These notes cover the main points and highlights from the podcast episode, reflecting the hosts’ personalities, experiences, and insights shared throughout the discussion.


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