In this engaging episode, hosts John Thomas and Brooke Sellers chat with Greta, an OCB figure competitor who has recently turned pro. They explore her journey from swimming to bodybuilding, her experiences and challenges during prep, and her impressive progress over the last four years. The episode delves into the importance of mindset, posing, and overcoming unexpected difficulties in bodybuilding prep.

Hosts: John Thomas (The Bodybuilding Vegan) and Brooke Sellers (Miss Meatless Muscle)
Special Guest: Greta Ives, OCB figure competitor and newly turned pro-vegan bodybuilder

Key Discussion Points:

1.  Introduction and Background

  • Hosts John and Brooke introduce Greta, celebrating her recent success in turning pro.
  • Greta shares her background in swimming and how it contributed to her transition into bodybuilding.

2.  Journey to Vegan Bodybuilding

  • Greta discusses her initial experiences with lifting and how she channeled her energy from swimming into bodybuilding.
  • The motivation behind her decision to compete in bodybuilding shows includes the influence of a former relationship.

3.  Prep Challenges and Strategies

  • The hosts and Greta talk about the trials and tribulations of bodybuilding prep, including heavy legs and daily check-ins.
  • Greta emphasizes the importance of a strong mindset and the support she received from her posing coach, Michelle from Get Poised.

4.  Importance of Posing and Stage Presence

  • Detailed discussion on how posing and stage presence can make or break a competitor’s success.
  • Greta shares her experience with posing practice and how it contributed to her win.

5.  Competition Day Insights

  • Anecdotes from competition day, including the intense moments of the pose-off and the excitement of winning.
  • Greta’s reflections on the unexpected aspects of competing, such as the tanning process and dealing with nerves.

6.  Balancing Life and Bodybuilding

  • Greta’s experience managing college, work, and bodybuilding prep.
  • The hosts and Greta discuss the importance of having a sustainable routine and how it impacts long-term success.

7. Future Plans and Goals

  • Greta’s plans for a 9-12 month bulking phase to build more muscle before her next competition.
  • Potential future competitions, including pro shows and exploring the possibility of competing in the NPC.

Quotes and Anecdotes:

  • John’s humorous story about mistaking a disco ball for a security camera.
  • Greta’s motivational mantra while walking to class during prep: “Greta, you are so strong. You can do this.”
  • Brooke’s embarrassing first-show experience involving a pee cup mishap.


  • The importance of a solid support system and experienced coaches in bodybuilding.
  • Understanding that bodybuilding is as much about mental strength and confidence as it is about physical conditioning.
  • Embracing the journey and learning from every experience, whether it’s a successful competition or a challenging prep phase.

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