In this heartfelt and inspiring episode, Brooke Sellers and John Thomas are joined by Kaitlin, known as Buff Vegan Barbie, an NPC bikini competitor, coach, and mother. Together, they delve into Kaitlin’s journey through the challenges of balancing motherhood, competitive bodybuilding, and a vegan lifestyle in less-than-supportive environments.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Introduction to Kaitlin: Brooke introduces Kaitlin, highlighting her achievements as a vegan bodybuilder, NPC competitor, and mother.
  • Veganism in Mississippi: Kaitlin shares her experiences living as a vegan in Mississippi, the evolution of available vegan products, and navigating social perceptions.
  • Transitioning to Veganism: Insight into Kaitlin’s switch to veganism, her fiance’s journey to adopting a vegan diet, and the health improvements that followed.
  • Managing Motherhood and Bodybuilding: Kaitlin discusses the challenges and strategies for balancing the demanding schedules of motherhood and competitive bodybuilding.
  • Motivation and Dedication: The trio explores the importance of setting concrete goals, maintaining motivation, and dedicating oneself to the process of achieving those goals.
  • Overcoming Trauma: A deep dive into Kaitlin’s personal story of overcoming an abusive relationship and how bodybuilding became a transformative tool for reclaiming her life and strength.
  • Controlling the Controllables: The hosts discuss strategies for managing stress, anxiety, and the importance of focusing on controllable aspects of life.
  • Building Inner Strength: The conversation touches on the psychological benefits of bodybuilding, including the development of inner strength and resilience.

Memorable Quotes:

  • Kaitlin: “I wouldn’t wish what I went through on my worst enemy, but it made me the strongest person I could possibly be.”
  • Brooke: “You can control more than you think. Life is always going to have some challenges, but you have the power to control your response and actions.”
  • John: “Prep clears the fog and helps you focus on what truly matters. It’s a process that shapes not just your body, but your entire life.”


  • Practical Advice: Tips on meal prepping, managing a vegan diet in non-vegan friendly areas, and balancing multiple roles and responsibilities.
  • Emotional Resilience: Encouragement to use past traumas as a source of strength and motivation.
  • Community Support: Emphasizing the importance of a supportive community and resources for those transitioning to a vegan lifestyle or dealing with personal challenges.

Call to Action:

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  • Follow Kaitlin (@BuffVeganBarbie)

Additional Resources:

  • Links to vegan-friendly products and recipes mentioned in the episode.
  • Information on the Vegans Who Lift Coaching Academy.

Tune in to this powerful episode to hear Kaitlin’s inspiring story and gain insights into living a balanced, healthy, and resilient vegan lifestyle.


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