In this episode of the “Vegans Who Lift” podcast, hosts Brooke Sellers and John Thomas welcome back listeners to Season 2. They start with an exciting guest, Giacomo Marchese, also known as Muscles by Brussels. Giacomo shares the backstory of his intriguing nickname, initially coined by his wife, Danny.

The episode primarily focuses on sharing ‘wins of the week’ among the hosts and guests, discussing their business successes, client achievements, and personal victories. Giacomo discusses expanding their coaching business and shares stories about overcoming physical limitations through vegan bodybuilding.

Additionally, the episode delves into the broader vegan bodybuilding community, highlighting various athletes’ journeys and the impact of a plant-based diet on their performance and recovery. There is also a lively discussion about the potential influence of celebrities adopting a vegan lifestyle.

The episode is packed with motivational stories, practical coaching advice, and insights into the benefits and challenges of vegan bodybuilding, aiming to inspire listeners and promote the vegan lifestyle in the fitness community.


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