In Season 2, Episode 4 of the “Vegans Who Lift Podcast,” hosts Brooke Sellers (Miss Meatless Muscle) and John Thomas (the Bodybuilding Vegan) share their top 10 fitness tips, emphasizing the importance of starting your fitness journey, progressive overload, and maintaining a sustainable routine.

Here are detailed podcast notes for the “Vegans Who Lift Podcast” with hosts Brooke Sellers (Miss Meatless Muscle) and John Thomas (the Bodybuilding Vegan) from Season 2, Episode 4:


  • Hosts: Brooke Sellers (Miss Meatless Muscle) and John Thomas (the Bodybuilding Vegan)
  • Main Theme: Top 10 Fitness Tips



Welcome and Academy Update

  • Brooke and John express excitement about the Vegans Who Lift Coaching Academy.
  • Mention upcoming classes and how to register at
  • Emphasis on resources provided: training programs, nutrition plans, marketing strategies, support groups.

Personal Wins for the Week

  • Brooke shares her progress with launching her email newsletter with Sean’s help.
  • John celebrates his recent personal records (PRs) in the gym and commits to weekly date nights to improve his work-life balance.
  • Main Segment: Top 10 Fitness Tips

The hosts alternate sharing their top fitness tips.

Top 10 Fitness Tips

1. Just Get Started – John emphasizes the importance of starting, even if you’re imperfect. Growth comes from taking the first step and learning along the way.

2. Progressive Overload King Brooke explains the concept of progressive overload, which involves gradually increasing the weight or reps to continuously challenge the muscles and promote growth.

3. Add Salt to Your Diet – John discusses the benefits of adding salt to your diet for better muscle contraction and hydration during workouts. He addresses common concerns about water retention.

4. Slow and Steady Wins the Race – Brooke advises against drastic changes. She highlights the importance of creating sustainable habits and gradually adjusting workouts and diet for long-term success.

5. Establish a Morning Routine – John shares his personal morning routine and how setting a routine helps ensure he completes essential tasks, like stretching and stomach vacuums.

6. Eating Clean is Not Enough- Brooke stresses that while eating clean is important, knowing your calorie and protein intake is crucial for achieving body composition goals.

7. You’re Not Training Hard Enough – John encourages listeners to push themselves harder in the gym. He shares personal anecdotes about realizing he had more to give than he initially thought.

8. All Calories Are Not Created Equal – Brooke clarifies that while caloric intake is important, the nutritional value of the food consumed matters significantly. She warns against diets consisting solely of low-nutrient foods.

Additional Insights – Functional Training Critique – John and Brooke discuss the trend of functional training on social media and highlight the importance of sticking to proven effective exercises.

  • Therapy and Mental Health
  • Brooke mentions the importance of therapy for managing stress and anxiety.
  • She shares her morning routine, which includes meditation, journaling, and affirmations to help manage stress.

Childfree by Choice – Both hosts discuss societal expectations around having children and emphasize that choosing not to have kids is valid. They share personal perspectives and experiences on the topic.

  • Conclusion
  • Call to Action – Listeners are encouraged to apply the fitness tips shared and to join the Vegans Who Lift Coaching Academy for further support.
  • Reminder to visit for registration and additional information.


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