In Season 2, Episode 10 of the Vegans Who Lift Podcast, hosts John Thomas, aka The BodybuildingVegan, and Brooke Sellers, aka Miss Meatless Muscle, dive into the nitty-gritty of prep hacks to help make calorie deficits more manageable. They start discussing the inevitable discomfort of prep but emphasize embracing the challenge and having a strong reason for your commitment to the process.

John and Brooke share their personal prep hacks, revealing new strategies they hadn’t used before. The episode is filled with practical tips such as volume eating, where they suggest consuming low-calorie, high-volume foods like vegetables and popcorn to feel fuller without exceeding calorie limits. They highlight the importance of drinking decaf coffee and herbal teas to manage cravings and stress. John talks about the benefits of finding a why to keep motivated during tough times, while Brooke mentions the usefulness of individually packaged treats to prevent overeating.

The hosts also discuss the mental and physical health implications of prepping and advocating for professional guidance from a coach to ensure safety and effectiveness. They stress the necessity of committing to a reverse diet post-prep to regain normal hormonal balance and hunger cues.

Brooke’s win of the week is purchasing an Xbox Series S, which she plans to use as a distraction from snacking and a stress-relief tool. John shares his experience with sticking to Spanish lessons, drawing a parallel between learning a new language and the perseverance needed in fitness journeys.

The episode wraps up with a promise to discuss hacks for gaining weight and managing the off-season in the next episode, encouraging listeners to like, share, and comment with questions.


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