Are you a vegan fitness enthusiast looking to elevate your game? The Vegans Who Lift Coaching Academy, hosted by Brooke Sellers (Miss Meatless Muscle) and John Thomas (The Bodybuilding Vegan), is the perfect place for you!

Why Join?

Comprehensive Training:

Get expert guidance on setting up your training programs, workouts, and nutrition plans.

Business Growth:

Whether starting from scratch or looking to expand, we provide the tools and support to grow your fitness business.

Marketing Mastery:

Learn how to enhance your online presence, grow your Instagram, and create engaging content.

Community Support:

Become part of an inclusive, family-like atmosphere with a dedicated WhatsApp group for ongoing support and advice.

Limited Spots Available

Don’t miss this chance to join our exclusive academy. Secure your spot now at [](

Get in Touch

Have questions? Reach out to Brooke or John on Instagram, or contact the Vegans Who Lift Academy directly on Instagram. We’d love to hear from you!

Join us at the Vegans Who Lift Academy and take your vegan fitness journey to the next level!