Robert Cheeke, the Godfather of Vegan Bodybuilding joins John Thomas and Brooke Sellers on the Vegans Who Lift Podcast.

Topics Discussed

Robert Cheeke gets candid about his Vegan and professional journey and shares some of his challenges as a pioneer in this industry. As the episode title implies, we tackle some important issues. 

Robert Cheeke is a prominent figure in the vegan fitness community, renowned author, and influential speaker. Born in Corvallis, Oregon, Cheeke transformed his passion for plant-based nutrition into a thriving career. His journey from a small-town basketball player to a celebrated vegan bodybuilder inspired millions worldwide. Cheeke’s commitment to ethical living and physical excellence is evident in his bestselling books like “Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness” and “Shred It!” as well as his motivational speeches. He continues to advocate for compassionate living, health, and environmental sustainability through his work as an athlete, entrepreneur, and activist.


  • Produced by: Vegans Explore
  • Hosts: Brooke Sellers and John Thomas
  • Special Guest: Robert Cheeke
  • Edited by: Sean Russell

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